There are six Gram Panchayats, two Zilla Parishad constituencies and one Municipal Board/Council in Jiribam district.

Jiribam was notified as a small town in 1973 under the Assam Municipal Act, 1923. Township Committee was also constituted to address the local area interest of the people. It came under the Manipur Municipalities Act, 1976 and further came under the Manipur Municipalities Act, 1994. It was upgraded in a Municipality in 1984. Jiribam Municipality Council has 10 Wards.
In the rural area, there are six Gram Panchayats out of which, three are in Jiri Circle and the other three are in Borobekra Circle. Hilghat, Dibong and Sonapur Gram Panchayats are in the Jiri circle while Latingkhal, Borobekra and Jakuradhor are in Barak circle. In the same way, three Up-Pradhans are in each circle with all-together fifty one Panchayat members. Two Zilla Parishad members are in the district one in each Circle.